Stylizing the Ladies Leopard Dress

Elizabeth Besich Spring Lookbook

Ladies Leopard Dress

The Ladies Leopard Dress is the focal point in this stylization. The dress features a leopard print pattern with an elastic waistband that follows with a loose flowing skirt. The dress is perfect for everyday casual wear. 

Ladies Brown Quilted Large Tote Bag

The Ladies Brown Quilted Large Tote Bag is added to the stylization due to the color and texture of the purse. The purse features a quilted pattern print throughout giving it a stylish and fun texture. Furthermore, the tan color of the purse matches well with the Ladies Leopard Print Dress. Making it perfect match for this stylization. 

Gold Fashion Ring Set

The Gold Fashion Ring Set was added to the stylization due to the perfect color pairing with the Ladies Leopard Dress. The gold compliments the brown hues throughout the dress perfectly.

The rings are fashionable allowing to fit the overall casual look of the dress. Making it a perfect match all around. 

Irregular Circular Earrings

The Irregular Circular Earrings are perfect for everyday casual wear. Not only are they perfect for a casual look but they also pair well with the Ladies Leopard Print Dress and the Gold Fashion Ring Set. Making it a must have accessory to this stylization. 

Don't Kill my vibe bracelet

The Don’t kill My Vibe Bracelet is last pairing for the Ladies Leopard Print Stylization. The bracelet is perfect as it constrast well with the dress and pairs with the other two jewelry pieces in this collection.

The bracelet features a casual vibe and features a postive message. Making it the perfect bracelet for this outfit.

Always on the Go Outfit

This Ladies Leopard Print Dress Stylization is perfect for the lady who is always on the go! The dress is casual and easy to throw on. Furthermore, the jewelry pieces are casual and completely effortless.

Then you have the handbag that will fit everything you need from your keys, wallet to your make-up on the go. Therefore, allowing you to grab the purse on your way out the door with everything already stored away for the day ahead. 

Making this the perfect stylization for the girl always on the go.